Simple, Not Easy, Strength Training Advice

How Long Should You Rest Between Sets When Strength Training?

Rest between sets is definitely something people tend to look past when it comes to strength training. Heck, most people tend to pay more attention to how much time it takes them to pound their post-workout shake after their workout, than how much rest they take...

Taking Supplements for Strength: Are They Worth It?

I recently read the intro and first chapter to another Seth Godin book, “All Marketers are Liars Tell Stories.” He kicked things off, surprisingly enough, by telling a story. The story was about a glassmaker, Georg Riedel. But this wasn’t just any...

How Long Should a Strength Training Session Last?

It may surprise you that little, if any, research has been done to determine how long a strength training session should last when pursuing best results. Bro-science tells us that 45 minutes to 1 hr (or more, sometimes) is the most effective. Below is copied and...

Top 6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Building Strength

I’ve never had the perfect strength training program, and I don’t think it exists. That’s the TRUTH! However, after training consistently for the last 17 years I’ve gained a better understanding of what types of actions (or inactions) will...

Top 6 Rules for Increasing Strength

As if Strength Training 101 wasn’t simple enough, here is some sound advice that you can’t go wrong with when strength training to get some results… Keep It Simple – push, pull, deadlift, squat, drag, carry.  Anything else is almost pointless...


Strength Training Advice

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