Simple, Not Easy, Strength Training Advice

5 Best Exercises for Getting Started With Strength Training

The hardest part about ANY new venture is taking action to start! There is information all over this blog, and hundreds of thousands of more articles all over the internet on strength training. Oh, and about a million YouTube videos providing everything from exercise...

5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Strength Training

So you want to be strong… But before you head to the gym to start slinging some iron, make sure you’re not wasting your time and effort. Avoid these common strength training mistakes and you’ll be sure to make steady gains for a very long time....

How Many Times a Week Should You Do Strength Training?

There’s a huge difference between how many times a week you COULD do strength training… And how many times a week you SHOULD do strength training in order to maximize results. The latter is called “the minimal effective amount. In other words, how...

How Long Should You Rest Between Sets When Strength Training?

Rest between sets is definitely something people tend to look past when it comes to strength training. Heck, most people tend to pay more attention to how much time it takes them to pound their post-workout shake after their workout, than how much rest they take...

Taking Supplements for Strength: Are They Worth It?

I recently read the intro and first chapter to another Seth Godin book, “All Marketers are Liars Tell Stories.” He kicked things off, surprisingly enough, by telling a story. The story was about a glassmaker, Georg Riedel. But this wasn’t just any...


Strength Training Advice

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